Dogsites Redevelopment Progress

Please note we are in the process of doing a complete rebuild of Dogsites.

This is quite an extensive exercise as we;

Since this is a complete rebuild it will take some time to complete. We had originally targeted July 2016 but what we wanted to do was not working how we wanted it to with the software we were using.

We then did an extensive review of all the content for Dogsites (new, existing and old) and balanced that against available software solutions. An alternative solution has been selected and is being used to rebuild the entire Dogsites website from the ground up.

We have not placed an 'expected' date for the new site to go live but we are working on it as quickly and as much as possible. We will make updates to this page showing progress below. Please also follow us on Facebook as we will update our facebook page with progress reports.

We encourage and welcome comments, suggestions and the like. Feel free to send us a message on our Facebook page or a Facebook PM.

Our progress so far ...

Website Rebuild
Conversion of Old Site